Panda Express!

I experienced extreme sadness after my visit here. Not because of any disappointment with my food; but because this was my first time eating here, and i realized that I threw away the last 23 years of my life due to the absence of Panda Express. For only 6.99, I received the most amazing plate of… Read More Panda Express!

A PHOny Meal based on Lies and Deceit

People from D.C. love Pho. It’s essentially the liberal elitist dish of a choice. It is overpriced, numerically regulated, bland, and completely based on lies. I would go so far as to say that the DC area is one of the only places where Pho restaurants could remain in business, aside from places like San Fran and NYC, where enjoying stuff that sucks is pretty much the local custom. … Read More A PHOny Meal based on Lies and Deceit