Tacos Mexico: Yo Soy Fiesta!

When a True Foodsman craves Mexican food, he doesn’t want some half-assed tacos at Chili’s or Chi-chi’s made by a couple of gringos. He wants the real deal.

He wants the true taste of Mexico.
He wants the servers to have no idea what he is even saying, so he has to point to his choice on the menu.
He wants to wonder if the water is safe, and if he might get kidnapped and held for ransom.
He wants to forget where he is, and think he’s in Mexico, because the food is that real.
He wants the food to come fresh out the Pueblos.

Tacos Mexico gets an easy 5 stars. Although you wont meet any Cartel members here, you will have some of the best damned three tacos of your life for the low price of 8.50.

Want to spice it up? Head over to the fixin’s bar and have yourself a fiesta.

Want to pass out from a food coma right after you finish? Enjoy your siesta.

In addition, Tacos Mexico gets bonus points for having one of the most straight-forward names I’ve ever heard. There’s really no guesswork here amigos.

A Bobby Bomen’s 5-Star review goes out to Tacos Mexico for staying authentic in a world full of phony fuckboys.


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